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Dr. Banks’ specialty is working in predominantly White settings to help all community members develop skills and competencies for effective intergroup interactions. She works within the larger framework of diversity, which captures multiple aspects of identity (e.g. gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, nation of origin, political affiliation, other affiliations), yet comes at the work with a strong focus on race and racism. Much of time within sessions is spent examining dynamics of other types of privilege and oppression. Unfortunately, if you understand one type of oppression well, many of the dynamics can transfer. That is not to say in any way that all oppressions are the same, but the patterns of omission and distortion are similar across domains. Dr. Banks works with participants to increase the ability to recognize and address those patterns.


Dr. Banks has consulted with national and international firms to enhance their diversity and inclusion initiatives. She has conducted trainings in corporate and non-profit settings on diversity, inclusion, racial equity and unconscious bias. She has also developed pre-orientation (multi-day) programs originally developed for higher education but adaptable to other settings. She incorporates interactive games, reflective exercises and small and large group discussions into the sessions. Topics can be shifted to suit your individual needs.

Training formats:

  • Multi-day programs
  • Day-long programs
  • Half-day programs
  • Hourly programs

Topics can include:

  • Definitions of key terms
  • Unconscious bias
  • How to talk about race in the workplace
  • How to address diversity or current events in the workplace
  • Social identities
  • Intersectionality
  • Racial identity development
  • Levels of “isms” (i.e., interpersonal, internalized, institutional, structural)
  • Affirmative Action
  • Why do all the Black kids sit together in the cafeteria?
  • General communication and facilitation skills
  • Intergroup dialogue
  • Action planning
  • Topics identified to suit your needs

Non-traditional Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Dr. Banks is a principal of an innovative long-term diversity and inclusion solution which focuses on engagement and preparation for the increasingly diverse workforce.

Image Consulting for Institutions

Dr. Banks can aid businesses or institutions in managing diversity related situations. Just as celebrities need image consults to maneuver the media after a fall from grace, institutions also need help navigating the internal repercussions of an event or the external attention that often follows a gaffe.

Situations that might benefit from a diversity image consultant:

  • The publication of data or statistics highlights a gap in services or disparity.
  • A leak of sensitive information sheds a negative light on practices related to diverse groups.
  • A policy change has an unintended affect on an underrepresented group in the institution.
  • A commercial or product launch goes awry due to unintended reactions or perceptions.