Develop skills and competencies to understand racial equity and create systematic change.

Meet Dr. Kira Banks

Professor, Author, Consultant, Researcher & Thought Leader

Helping individuals and institutions create an infrastructure for equity.

Research & Teaching

Learn about the psychological theories and practices that can buffer individuals from the negative effects of discrimination and systems of oppression.


Enhance your diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives through interactive games, reflective exercises and group discussions customized to meet your individual needs.

Books & Resources

Find a list of helpful books and other publications on racial equity recommended by Dr. Banks.


Are we really fighting racism or just talking about it?
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Dr. Banks has consulted with national and international firms to enhance their diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives. She would love to help you or your organization develop skills and competencies to create an infrastructure for equity.

“She was knowledgeable, smart, provocative, and best of all — encouraged us to take action.”

Sarah Platt

Finance/Investment Executive